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FiRe: Future in Review conference

No scripted PowerPoint presentations, just thought leaders discussing the future of our world. Bright people  thinking about big and interesting problems to figure out great ways to solve problems. FiRe provides a new perspective and different ways to look at … Continue reading

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It’s how pilots learn to fly, using simulators; why can’t project managers?

Jesse Freese is the President of Fissure, a company that provides Simulation Powered Learning® training for organizations and people in the areas of project management, business analysis, leadership, change management and agile. One of Fissure’s products – SimProject-  was awarded the 2012 Continuing … Continue reading

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Project Management is becoming a meta skill set

How does a project management consultant launch a business? Gen Y cannot sit through a full day lecture, so what’s the alternative to develop project management skills? Learn with Christine Moore, founder of Arthur Maxwell, delivering experiences that propel people, … Continue reading

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Business value and ROI for agile methods with Dr. David F. Rico

What are the two biggest areas of ROI for agile methods? When should you use Kanban? Learn with Dr. David F. Rico, author of The Business Value of Agile Methods.   Dr. Rico helps oversee a portfolio of large multi-billion … Continue reading

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