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Gemba. Agile. Transformation & Beyond with Latha Swamy

A conversation with Latha Swamy – let’s talk agile, gumba, and beyond. Continue reading

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PMO value and challenges, plus qualities to look for in your PMO Leader – a PMO Panel discussion

How do you define and articulate the value of your PMO? What is the top challenge faced by PMOs today and what qualities do you look for in your PMO leader. Learn this and much more from our PMO Panel. … Continue reading

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The purpose of a PMO is not to develop practices for how you manage projects. Then what is it? – learn from Mark Price Perry, SVP and founder of BOT International.

This is one of those must listen to interviews. Mark provides a great perspective on PMOs. Mark Price Perry is the Senior Vice President and Founder of BOT International. BOT International is a pioneer and market leading provider of productized … Continue reading

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Most waterfall projects end in Agile mode

Have you noticed how towards the end of some waterfall projects: Team members collaborate closely A lot gets done A lot gets fixed Customers get intimate with what’s going on Product quality improves dramatically Daily touch base meetings are held There … Continue reading

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