From Projects to Programs

BookCoverK20532_v1aAn engaging story of what makes program management effective, From Projects to Programs: A Project Manager’s Journey introduces key program management concepts in a manner that is easy to understand. It provides a backstage view into the workings of program management, program organization, team dynamics, and the skills required to manage programs. Narrated through the eyes of a program manager in the form of a novel, the book provides you with the opportunity to experience the ins and outs of real-world program management.

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SamirBookWebesiteSamir Penkar is an award winning program and project management professional.
He is the founder of the Future of Project Management blog, the place for people, trends and ideas on project management. Samir has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox9 News and numerous project management publications. A passionate speaker, Samir has presented internationally across US, Asia, Canada and Africa. Samir loves the outdoors, is a distance running coach, and his favorite hobby is flying fighter kites. As a consultant Samir has worked with a number of organizations in the education, insurance, fitness, manufacturing and agro industries. You can reach Samir at samir(at)

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