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Sharing a Personal Success – Diversity For Business Award

Yesterday I was honored with the Diversity for Business Award by the Minneapolis St.Paul Business Journal. Had my family with me and both Amita and Manas had a blast. It was inspiring and exciting to meet the other honorees and … Continue reading

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Detox Your Status Meetings With This

As project managers we at least have one status meeting a week with our teams. Typical length of the status meeting is one hour, though recently I have seen shorter status meetings. Our days have become hectic, and you are … Continue reading

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A Klout Score for Project Managers

The one thing that most project managers lack is authority. Their team members don’t report to them, the vendors contract with the functional executives and project sponsors can shift priorities frequently. But they do have one thing in their arsenal … Continue reading

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Why You Don’t Need Meeting Minutes In These 3 Instances

As a project manager, how many times are you responsible for writing and distributing meeting minutes? Most of the time right? In fact some project managers are so obsessed with jotting down meeting minutes they miss out on the face to … Continue reading

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