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1 out of 30 teams was truly self-managing

Lukasz Olczyk is a lean agile coach in Poland and made the transition from a project manager to an agile mindset. Lukasz has worked with more than 30 teams, but one team stood out above all; a team that was … Continue reading

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Agile techniques for writers

Working in an agile team is quite challenging for most technical writers. If you work from home and love to work in perfect solitude, then agile is not for you, as it follows iterative methodology and interactions with the other … Continue reading

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Amplify’s model for Team Member Scrum Master

  Matthieu Cornillon is an actor + agile coach. Listen to how he draws some parallels between acting in a play and being on an agile team. Matthieu aims to provide teams with maximum autonomy and also presents a model … Continue reading

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We don’t have a professional full-time Scrum Master on agile teams.

  The thing that Katy Sherman likes about agile is the focus on teams. The most interesting part of the conversation is about how the Scrum Master role is structured on Katy’s teams. Her team does not have any professional … Continue reading

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