We don’t have a professional full-time Scrum Master on agile teams.


The thing that Katy Sherman likes about agile is the focus on teams.

The most interesting part of the conversation is about how the Scrum Master role is structured on Katy’s teams. Her team does not have any professional full-time Scrum Masters. Instead, a team member assumes the role of a Scrum Master. It is a voluntary role and is on a rotational basis. Is this a model for future implementations? Listen to Katy explain how they work.

Plus why is “Master” is a good word for the Scrum Master role?

Recently Katy Sherman published a post on LinkedIn titled: How Agile Killed Managers.

Katy Sherman is the Director of Software Engineering at Premier Inc. She’s passionate about leadership, vision, achieving agility through ruthless automation and modular architecture.

This is part of a series of conversations around my research on the topic: Future of the Scrum Master role.

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