Future of Scrum Master Research – March 2017 Update

Hi folks,

Here’s the March 2017 update on my research study on the Future of the Scrum Master role.

  • Received 123 survey responses across the US, UK, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Nepal, Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, South Africa, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Australia, and India
  • Conducted 15 one-on-one deep dive sessions
  • Great conversations with a CTO of a healthcare company and a wonderful discussion with a recent graduate who assumed the Scrum Master role

Here’s a preview of the responses so far:






It seems like the future of the Scrum Master will look very different based on the type of organization and the level of agile adoption.

Going forward I’m planning to focus on the following themes:

  • What do mature agile teams look and feel like?
  • Get a perspective from folks outside the agile development teams like- product management and CIOs

Watch or listen to some of the one-on-one deep dive sessions I’ve conducted:

What do you think? Provide your viewpoint via a short survey– Survey Link

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