Should a Scrum Master have domain expertise? We shouldn’t care, but we will.


Marc Miller helps Gen X and Bany Boomers navigate the second half of their career. In this conversation Marc discusses:

  • How a product manager secured a job in an industry where he did not have work experience
  • How don’t tell me you know your stuff, show me! – is the new paradigm to prove your expertise
  • How a hockey coach brought his skills to an agile team
  • Agile is not the end-point, you need to be very aware of what is changing in the world

You can check out Marc’s work at

He also has a podcast titled:  Repurpose Your Career.

And finally, on the top of every page on his website, Marc has his phone number. If you are struggling to define the second half of your career, I would highly recommend you check out Marc’s work.

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