Future of Scrum Master Research – Feb 2017 Update


Hi folks,

Here’s the February 2017 update on my research study on the Future of the Scrum Master role. February 2017 Highlights:

  • Received 50 survey responses across US, UK, Chile, Australia and India
  • Conducted 5 deep one-on-one conversations
  • Facilitated a group discussion on the topic with about 10 Scrum Masters from a healthcare company
  • Had an intriguing conversation with the CEO of Gear Stream about how his company is pivoting to a new approach for agile transformations
  • I also realized that my survey response velocity is not going to get me to my goal of 2000 responses. So I’ve hired a virtual assistant to help me with outreach.


A preview of the responses so far:

Who Responded





I’m looking for patterns, trends and the unsaid, unwritten insights into how the role will evolve. The question I plan to answer through my research is:

What is the Scrum Master becoming?

I’m striving hard to remain objective, be open to the data, feedback and drop my filters so that I avoid any confirmation bias.

One common thread I’m beginning to see is that when teams are mature the need for a full-time or dedicated Scrum Master diminishes. What does a mature agile team look like, behave like, feel like is something I plan to probe further.

I’m looking to get diverse and in-depth feedback on this topic. I encourage you to let me know your views via this short survey.

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I really appreciate your feedback.

– Samir

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