Future of Scrum Master Research – January Update


A quick recap for new readers.

I’ve embarked on a research study to seek insights into the Future of the Scrum Master role. You can read my original post here.

Thanks to those of you who have responded to my survey request and/or scheduled a deep dive session.

Collaborative Mind Map

I’m experimenting with a new online collaborative mind mapping tool to crowd source a part of this research.

As I have started to receive responses to my survey, I have begun to mind map the responses. This is an editable Mind Map, so feel free to go in there to add/update this with your thoughts and ideas.

Go ahead, add your point of view, expand on others ideas and respect other’s points of view.


Research Statistics as of 1/31/2017:

Number of survey responses: 14 ( Target: 2000)

One-on-one interviews scheduled: 2 (Target: 100)

Have a long way to go, but we are just getting started.



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