What to do after your Agile coaches leave

I’ve got Brian Wills, an agile leader who has led huge agile transformations – some as big as 2,800 agile teams – at companies like Symantec, Prudential, CapitalOne, Discover, Cisco and HP. And Brian has developed and ignited an approach that can help sustain the agile mindset and transformation effects long after the swarm of agile coaches has left.

Do you want to find out the key traits required to assume the role of an agile coach and learn how to transition from “doing” agile to “being” agile? If so, take a sneak peek into “AMP,” the Agile Mentoring Program developed by Brian Wills and his team: Agile Mentoring Program

With a rigorous syllabus, weekly meetings, challenging exams and lean coffee times – this mentoring program prepares agile leaders for tomorrow. Talk about hands-on learning and adding in-demand, critical skills right on your job!

How should PMOs and project managers re-orient themselves in this new agile world of today? Watch this interview for Brian’s advice on how to do so.


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