My last post as


It’s been four great years since I started this blog. I want to thank you for your support, interest and encouragement over the years.

The time has come for this project to wrap up and for a new one to begin. I have decided to rebrand the blog to

“Now, why would you do that Samir?” you may ask.

As I wrote about project management topics, I often wanted to expand the scope to post on topics like program management, health, running, kites, marketing, and even meditation. And so, I decided to rebrand. I will still be writing about program and project management, but at the same time I will be writing on these other topics too.

What did you like about my blog? Tell me in the comments below, would love to hear from you.

I hope and trust you will continue to subscribe to my blog and I look forward to bringing you a much fuller and exiting experience.

Your truly,


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