810 People Bought This Project Management Course on Groupon


When I received this in my email, I could not believe it.

A project management course on Groupon!

What? How did that happen?

The first feeling that rushed through me was that of disappointment, a little sadness, even a hint of anger. How could they do this? A project management course on Groupon? This is not a pizza deal, or an apple picking orchard or a meal for two at a fancy restaurant. This is my career, my profession on Groupon.

But then, I looked at the number of folks who had signed up. 810. Well, not bad. 810 folks will benefit from this amazing deal. 810 folks will learn about project management – however the quality of the instruction. 810 people may enter the profession, 810 people may see this as an option for their kids in future.

810 is a big number and then slowly I smiled. If Groupon can spread the project management discipline to more folks, that’s a great deal. Isn’t it?

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