Detox Your Status Meetings With This


As project managers we at least have one status meeting a week with our teams. Typical length of the status meeting is one hour, though recently I have seen shorter status meetings.

Our days have become hectic, and you are lucky  if you have just one project to manage, most project mangers juggle with at least three or four projects. Focus, warm ups, stretching, are things we do at gyms, and during our workouts. So why would we not start with a warm up at our meetings. Maybe some of you already do a warm up – how was your weekend? Share one experience from this week, or something similar.

Here’s a status meeting detox idea for you. For the first five minutes of your status meeting, try meditating with your team. Just ask everyone to sit straight in their chairs, arms resting on their sides and eyes closed. You can even play some light meditative music. Here’s a sample. As a project manager you watch the time and make sure your team does not fall asleep. Set up a 5 minute alarm on your smartphone. Just sit there, eyes closed, listening to the music in the background and focus on your project. Mentally think about each team member, how can I help, what are our roadblocks today, how can we solve them. Closing your eyes, brings the entire focus inwards, watch your thoughts. At the end of five minutes – which will seem an eternity in the beginning – you will feel calmer, fresh and rejuvenated to tackle your project.

If you are unsure how it will work, try it yourself first. Detox your team, and reset your mind for a successful project outcome. Along the way you may find that you detoxed more than just your project. Good luck.

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