Why You Don’t Need Meeting Minutes In These 3 Instances

As a project manager, how many times are you responsible for writing and distributing meeting minutes? Most of the time right? In fact some project managers are so obsessed with jotting down meeting minutes they miss out on the face to face interaction that a meeting provides.

So today I wanted to point out three instances when you can free yourselves from taking any meeting notes.

#1: When there are fewer than 4 people in a meeting.

Three people in a meeting and yet you need to take notes? Why? Can’t each team member write down their own to-dos or action items? As a project manager you are better off getting alignment at these kind of meetings.

#2: When you have the complete trust of your team.

I have heard many state,” You better take that down in writing, because you never know when you will need it.”  If you don’t trust your team members, then you better do everything like taking down detail notes to save your ass later. But if you start out with a foundation of trust, you know that your team members will never play this trick on you. Work on building trust among your team, not trying to compensate for the lack of it by note taking.

#3: When you have a real project plan

If you have a great project plan – a plan that identifies deliverables, a plan that assigns responsibilities, a plan that is updated frequently as things change, a plan that everyone believes in, and a plan that you can track to without working on weekends. Think about it, we spend so much time planning as project managers, give you team the freedom to execute, freedom to decide the path they want to take and not micro manage.

So, if you have a great project plan and the complete trust of your team and there are less than four people in a meeting, don’ t even bother with meeting notes.

Let’s go green with our digital footprint and ask ourselves the real purpose behind writing meeting notes. Hope this was useful to you.

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