Delete your To-Do List

The traditional to-do list failed me. It’s time to change.

I’ve had it.

I will no longer maintain a to-do list in the traditional sense. Take a look at your to-do list. Do you ever get to the bottom of it?  Those of you who do, you are super effective  and I am sure you are very productive. For the majority of us it’s a loosing battle.

So I dropped maintaing a stand alone to-do list. My list of things to do are integrated into my calendar. As a result my calendar has gone crazy. I find I have no time left. And that brings a sense of priority and scheduling your work. If I get asked to do a task now, I flip open my calendar and there, I can tell the person exactly when I will work on this task. It makes my life easier, sets expectations with others and I am really really productive.

As project managers, we have too many lists to maintain – our personal to-do list, risk log, stakeholder list, project lists, and the dreaded issues log.

Please try this out, I urge you. Follow it religiously for a week and see the results for yourself. Think hard and long before you add anything else to your already looooooonnnnnng to-do list.

Step number 1: Schedule your current to-dos on your calendar. It will also force you to  estimate the amount of time you think that task will take. Good luck.


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1 Response to Delete your To-Do List

  1. Jeff Lin says:

    At Bust Out Solutions we use for scheduling to-dos. It takes exactly what you suggest, and makes it collaborative. Great for managing to-dos when working on a team.

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