Seth Godin on Critical Path

Seth Godin is a famous author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. Seth usually talks about marketing and how the only way to earn the “buzz” is by being remarkable. Below is an expertly crafted piece on the project critical path. He says,

“The longest string of dependent, non-compressible tasks is the critical path.”

In his article “Understanding Critical Path” Seth identifies people on the critical path for one of his projects and shares how that changed the tone of conversations between his team members. Read his entire article at – “Understanding Critical Path.”

As program and project managers, we use tools like Microsoft Project to plan our projects and understand the critical path. The simple idea of tagging people with buttons to indicate if they are on the critical path, transforms the project plan from Microsoft Project to the physical world of team members. As Seth Godin states, “Understanding the critical path is better for your peace of mind too.”

Try this exercise:

Identify three or four team members and meet them individually. Can you tell if they are on the critical path for your project? If you can’t, either you haven’t clearly defined your critical path or you don’t understand it well enough. And if that team member is on your critical path, find ways and techniques to help them stay focused on the project work.

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