Thinking beyond projects

BookCoverK20532_v1aWhen a project manager wants to grow up beyond projects, programs is the next logical step. Many initiatives in organizations are really programs, a series of enhancements to a product or a change initiative or a gradual building of a capability. Yet the yearly planning process often forces these into smaller projects, broken pieces of a larger program.

If you would like to experience a story of how a project manager grows up into the shoes of a program manager, here is my newly released book:  From Projects to Programs – A Project Manager’s Journey.

I wrote this book in the form of a fast paced novel, in the form of a story. Because stories are a great learning tool, and I was inspired by some great story tellers,  – The Story of Telling and Seth Godin.

My goal was to distill the essence of program management into a good story. Did I succeed? You tell me.

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