Project managers don’t control project outcomes, but

they control the inputs to successful projects.

When you plant a tree in your garden, you cannot predict how many flowers or vegetables it will produce, nor can you predict the number of leaves it will grow. But you can surely nurture it by watering it regularly, providing it with ample sunlight, and good aerated soil.

If you want to have a radiant skin, what do top experts advice – lots of water, a good night’s sleep and proper nutrition. (And a little make up helps too.)

What do these examples have in common? Take care of the inputs and the output will take care of itself. Some of the inputs that project managers  control on projects are:

– team morale, providing an encouraging environment, an appropriate framework for team collaboration, transparency and regular communications, alignment to project vision, and risk management process.

Focus on the quality of these inputs, the output will take care of itself.  Will your plant grow healthy vegetables and fruits? Will your skin look radiant all day?  Will your project team be successful?

It all depends on the quality of  your inputs.

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