What is it that you actually do?

All right, my fellow project managers. We are going to do something challenging today.

A sales person says, ” I sell.”

A doctor says, ” I treat patients.”

A lawyer says, ” I argue cases for my clients.”

And we say, ” I manage projects.”

But what does that actually mean? What is it that you actually do? Ask this question to yourself. Do it in the shower, on a run, while driving to work, or maybe in that boring meeting that you hate to attend, but can’t get out of.

Some tips: Think about 10 years from now, what will you tell someone if they ask you this question? What will you tell a kindergarten class?

What is it that I actually do?

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4 Responses to What is it that you actually do?

  1. Hans Schut says:

    1. I collect, interpret and translate collective ideas, visions and intentions.
    2. I provide the thus defined project with a reason to exist.
    3. I provide the executives with commitment and dedication.
    4. I develop a Plan of Action that releases the power to create.
    5. I guide the project team to the highest level of performance.
    6. I make sure the results become sound and solid embedded in the context.

  2. As a project manager – I manage expectations, I communicate with all stakeholders so that there are no negative (or even positive) surprised, I plan as well as execute, I try to bring order to chaos, I work with my teammates and to get things done, within acceptable compromise of cost, scope, schedule and quality.

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