Project Manager’s #1 Risk

What is it?

Not resource constraints, not technical challenges, not an unsupportive vendor, not a tight budget, not even faulty estimates.

It is your own health and wellness. If you can integrate health and wellness into your life, you will be more alert, more attentive to others, have more energy to work longer hours, be more present at meetings, not burn out at 2:30 p.m. and you will have the energy to focus on your team.

Eat better, move better, think positive. Build healthy habits into your work day, not something that you just do on weekends. Talk short walks, stretch, do some deep breathing, go out and soak in some sunshine.

Not something that you expected on a project management blog did you? Take a look at what a vegan or plant based diet can look like. Even if you don’t go 100% vegan, any step towards that direction will help.

If you have any experience with Scrum, take a look at some experiments I did to apply Scrum to help improve our health at ScrumHealth.

Preserve yourself, preserver your health and you will move closer to project success in the long run. As a project manager you owe it to your team.

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