7 questions to find your dream job? Is it project management?

Somehow you landed the job of managing projects. So is this your dream job? Let’s find out? Answer the following questions for yourself:

1. What made you decide to become a project manager?

2. What’s the one thing that you do better than others in project management?

3. What’s the one word you would use to describe yourself?

4. Would your sponsors  or team refer you to other projects? If so, why?

5. Do you see yourself retiring doing project management?

6. Do you apply project management outside work? How?

7. Do you feel happy doing what you do?

Also recognize that our idea of a dream job changes over time. Maybe it was the title that was attractive at first, maybe it is the commute that kills our energy, or a boss that saps your ideas and enthusiasm. Meditate on these seven little questions to get to know yourself better and in the process you will discover your dream job.

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