How about a day off to boost productivity

If you are a project manager, my guess is you are managing more than one projects at a time. I have seen people manage 15 projects at a time. That’s at least 15  status meetings a week, noooooooo!

And even when our projects end, there is no break, we get handed more projects to do. This constant stream of works saps our energy, our attention, our creativity. We neglect our hobbies, friends and family. In the end it impacts our work, our projects and our teams.

I have been experimenting this year with a four day work week. I am a consulting project manager, and so I can do that. And no, I don’t work 10 hours Monday thru Thursday. Fridays is my time off and it has been so refreshing and my most productive day in terms of ideas. I don’t have a set schedule, I just go with the flow, wake up when I feel like, goof around, go for a run, write a blog post if I feel like it, or listen to my favorite music. Often I have seen that when you empty your mind, solutions and ideas pop up.

So if you cannot take a full day off, start with half a day or maybe even a couple of hours. I would love to hear what your experiences and thoughts are on this topic.

Also take a look at this blog post from Anik Singal, he recommends the exact same thing.


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