Pre-Mortem: Save your project technique from Advanced Riskology

Today I want to introduce you to Tyler. He is the Founder of Advanced Riskology. Tyler is a writer, adventurer, and a risk taker on a quest to join the top 1% of the world.

Tyler has written today about a concept of a Pre-Mortem for projects. It’s a technique to save any project from failure. It’s like lessons learned midway during a project or you can think about it as risk management or retrospectives on agile projects. I particularly like the three steps Tyler suggest for a pre-mortem:

1. Spend an hour listing every possible problem you can imagine.

2. Pick the top 10 problems

3. Spend an hour creating solutions ( this is the step that we most often miss. We love to do steps 1 and 2)

Read Tyler’s entire blog post here. If you want to comment, please leave comments on Tyler’s blog post at Advanced Riskology.

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