Hats off to discipline for the 5000th time

Today Seth Godin published his 5000th blog post. Most of us don’t ever end up writing 5000 words. Hat’s off to Seth Godin for his insight, discipline and consistency.

I am just amazed at the quality of Seth’s blog posts. Every blog post makes you think, is expertly crafted and is usually filled with insights that you can apply to more than just marketing.

Here are some of my favorite posts from Seth that resonated with me in the last few months:

Measuring without measuring

Hoarding information

On adding a Zero

Competence v/s Possibility

We as project managers can learn a lot about discipline, leadership and consistency from Seth. How about we begin by having lesser meetings and less email? Which would give us more time to do what if analysis, risk management, connecting with our teams and keeping that damn Microsoft Project plan in sync with reality – or do we want to skip this one?

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