FiRe: Future in Review conference

No scripted PowerPoint presentations, just thought leaders discussing the future of our world. Bright people  thinking about big and interesting problems to figure out great ways to solve problems. FiRe provides a new perspective and different ways to look at problems. The energy level at this conference seems to be very high. I have not attended this conference, but may attend next year.

The conference has multiple channels – Computing & Communications, Economics and Finance, Education, Energy, Environment, Global Initiatives, Healthcare, and Pure Science. FiRe is an attempt to provide a more accurate view of the technology industry in the next 3-5 years.

So what is a futuristic technology conference doing on a project management blog you may be wondering. Project managers are too focused on their projects and sometimes loose sense of the overall changes in the industry in which they are operating. Many projects can be viewed as multi year programs with some higher goals  and benefits in mind. Many project management conferences I think are too focused on vertical slices of the project management discipline. FiRe can be a refreshing change. Take a look and decide for yourself.

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