A brand new day

5:30 A.M. Rise with the sun

6:00 A.M. Check your corporate Twitter feed for project updates.

9:00 A.M. Review your real time project dashboards – where’s my budget today, how many defects do we have open, any risks bubbled up, what is my sponsor saying?

10:00 A.M. Take a walk with your project team and discuss how things are going.

11:00 A.M. Catch up on today’s priorities. Maybe check email.

12:00 P.M. Organic lunch and fruits.

2:00 P.M. Face to face touch base with project team.

3:00 P.M. Send out daily report/ dashboard to team members, sponsors and stakeholders.

4:00 P.M. Go home.

8:00 P.M. Check corporate Twitter feed for project updates.

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