Frittering Your Life Away on Email

While email today is “the” mode of communication, it can easily become a time-sucking landline. Try these tactics to get back your life:

1. Send less emails: If you send less mails you get less emails.

2. No email for first 30 minutes of your day: Get out of this habit of flipping on your laptop and diving into email. Work on your top priority task first and people first.

3. Near zero inbox: Delete, file, take action on the emails that you read and try to get to a near zero inbox by the end of each day. I have email folders for every project I do, I rarely have to go back to emails two weeks or older.

4. Stop sending thank you, got it, great replies, etc. And if you do, don’t cc all.

5. No more than one ask in one email: It focuses people on one decision or one task.

6. Keep it short, keep it simple: No more than 5 lines.

7. Delete all emails that you reply to from your inbox: they are in your sent box already.

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