Stay fit and healthy with Scrum

Can the principles and practices of Scrum help us stay fit and healthy?

How can a methodology used to develop software be applied to our health & well being?

How would a fit and healthy Sprint look like?

What results can you expect?

Earlier this year, I ran an experiment with a small group of folks, where we applied the principles and practices of  Scrum to stay fit. The result, we started exercising regularly, eating healthier foods and ended up motivating each other on the team.

Excited and encouraged with these results, I am opening up the call for participants one more time. It’s that time of the year when we make resolutions, join gyms and take stock of our finances. So here’s your chance to participate in this unique experience.

As a participant in the first experiment, watch what Eli Sheynin had to say.


Sound interesting, are you up for the challenge? Sign up today! Seats are limited, and you will be put on a waiting list if  the slots fill up.

When: Jan 27th 2013 to Mar 3rd 2013 (five weeks)

What to expect:

  • Follow the rituals of Scrum – stand ups, sprint planning, retrospectives, backlog grooming and demos.
  • We will focus on the knowing v/s doing gap. We all know that we should lead more active lives, eat more fruits and vegetables, yet we don’t.
  • Understand why forming a habit is more important than the plan and use Scrum to make the habit stick.
  • A collaborative development of stories and priorities.
  • Be part of a pioneer team to expand the use of Scrum to health and fitness.
  • Have access to an online Scrum board to track stories and tasks.
  • Benefit from the camaraderie with other team members.
  • Feel alive and charged to take control of your health.

Ready to sign up?

Seats are limited and will be filled up on a first come first served basis. Sign up here.

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