Project manager brain teaser

A project manager has exactly enough budget to have three business analysts and two developers or three developers and no business analysts on their project team.

All the business analysts have the same hourly rate and all the developers have the same hourly rate.

What is the maximum number of business analysts that the project manager can have on the project team, if they get only one of the developers?

See if you can solve this puzzle and write your answer in the comments below.

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5 Responses to Project manager brain teaser

  1. Anonymous says:

    6 BAs + 1 Dev is the correct answer

  2. Pearl says:

    let B= Budget, ba=business analyst, d= developer; From the first scenario, 3ba+2d=B and from the second scenario, 3d=B…..This implies that d=B/3 and 3ba+2(B/3)=B, giving ba=B/9.
    From the third scenario Xba+B/3=B…..We now have Xba + 3ba=9ba which makes X= 6.
    The maximum number the PM can have is six(6).

  3. jamozi says:

    3BA+2Dev=3Dev =>3BA=1DeV
    Budget is available for 1Dev+6BA’s
    Am I right?

  4. Eli Sheynin says:

    I get that the budget is available for 1 developer and 6 BA’s.. From the first statement we know 3BA’s and 2 Devs is the same budget as 3 devs so 1 Dev is the same as 3 BA’s. Am I right?

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