Looking for volunteers for a Scrum / Health experiment

Improve your health using SCRUM

I am looking for volunteers to participate in an experiment where we use the practices of the SCRUM method to improve our health.

So first question, how will we know that our health has improved? By measuring our Body Mass Index(BMI). The goal is to get to a healthier body mass index in 6 weeks.

Where does SCRUM come in? We will use the principles of SCRUM like SPRINTS, stand up meetings (off course via phone or video), and retrospectives to help us in this journey. Our product backlog could include items like food we need to eat, exercise, rest, sleep, etc.

I believe the quick feedback, open collaboration, and time bound SPRINTS could help us improve our health. I want to test this hypothesis. Let’s enter this experiment with an open mind and I look forward to your ideas as we progress through this unique experiment.

What does it mean to be a volunteer? You are signing up to improve your BMI over six weeks. We plan to do two virtual stand ups a week, that’s about 30 mins a week. You are open to sharing your BMI with the team and are committed to working hard. First SPRINT starts Oct 30th. So let me know by Friday 19th Oct if you wish to join.

Interested or have questions? Shoot me an email at futureofprojectmanagement@gmail.com.

I am excited to embark on this experiment, hope you can join me.


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5 Responses to Looking for volunteers for a Scrum / Health experiment

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  3. Samir Penkar says:

    Hello Raj –

    The theory that I am trying to test is that the practices of Scrum can be applied to fitness, to improving your health, and staying on track. Time bound results, open collaboration, retrospectives and daily touch base meetings can be a great way to install the direction, focus and purpose needed to stay on a healthy course. Whether it be your diet, sleep, exercise, etc.

    When Jeff Sutherland co-invented Scrum, he borrowed the practice of demo or die from the MIT researches, who had to demo their progress to keep funding their research. I am a running coach as well as a project manager. I believe these two can intersect very well. That is what I am trying to prove. It’s an experiment, and I am approaching it with an open mind.

    Hence this experiment is in the spirit of expanding the boundaries of where Scrum can be applied. Let me know if this sheds some more light or if you have specific questions I would be glad to answer them for you.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Tell me more – Raj

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