The resumes of the future will look like this.

Do you want to know what your future resume should look like?

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I invited the founders of – Lyuba Ellingson and Alex Meystelman to talk about the future of resumes.


Alex Meystelman and Lyuba Ellingson are the Co-Founders of Both of them have marketing backgrounds with extensive experience in growing businesses and personal brands through strategic branding and social media initiatives. offers job seekers who are looking for the right opportunity, a very simple way to establish a personal brand to help market themselves in a creative way. Alex and Lyuba are also the Co-Founders of Red Elixir Business Solutions, a social media marketing company specializing in community management


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12 Responses to The resumes of the future will look like this.

  1. Samir Penkar says:

    Announcing the winner of a FREE custom resume from – Alex Palmer.

    Congratulations Alex, you will be receiving instructions on how to claim your prize.

    Thank you all for participating and thank you to for extending this offer.

  2. Maura says:

    I definitely think that is the resume of the future. What a great idea to help executives cut down on the time consuming task of paper-shuffling through multiple resumes, and an incredible way to set yourself apart! Way to be ahead of the curve, Alex and Lyuba!

  3. Maureen Ohm says:

    I want to win a free custom online resume! I think is a great idea because it makes users seem very forward thinking.

    ~Maureen Ohm

  4. Don Kim says:

    I think these kinds of resumes are great for creative industries such as graphic design, marketing, communications, etc. But project management is a pretty traditional profession for the most part so I’d be careful about going overboard with the “sexy” part of your resume. Nevertheless, this was an interesting post and made me realize that I have to update my resume!

    • Samir Penkar says:

      I do agree Don that these kind of resumes have traditionally been used by creative folks. But as the project management discipline expands into these areas, I think project managers have a chance to showcase their skills and experience in a different format.

      Thank you for your input to the discussion.

  5. Santosh Sonbarse says:

    Loved the Idea!! $99 is a PRETTY GOOD DEAL!!! As someone actively looking for a new opportunity, I am seriously considering utilizing to market my skills.

  6. Alex Palmer says:

    These look amazing! Cool, modern, sleek resume of the future. I like them because it shows the recruiter that you are serious about your job search and your online brand/reputation (which is becoming more important everyday). Great work Alex and Lyuda!

    – Alex (apalmer18 [at]

  7. Heather Olheiser says:

    Brilliant idea!!! will really help lever someone from the rest of the pack.

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