Planning Innovations – developing winning products that power growth – w/ Dorian Simpson

What trends should product managers be aware of? Is project and product management merging into one role?

I invited Dorian Simpson, founder of Planning Innovations, to speak to us about product management trends.


Dorian Simpson, Managing Director of Planning Innovations – has helped startups to Fortune 500 technology leaders in industries ranging from software to industrial products, build leaders and develop strategies for new innovations that ranged from incremental to disruptive. Some of the companies he’s worked with include GE, Tyco, Owens Corning, Qwest, Technicolor, FEI, RealNetworks, VTech, Freightliner, and numerous others.

Before starting his consulting practice, Dorian held key positions at Motorola and AT&T in product management, sales, marketing, business development, and engineering. He is also a professional facilitator and workshop leader.

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