Use Agile on these projects

Agile is not a new idea, but it is a new reality for every organization. Dedicated and collocated teams are often the standard answers to the question,

“What types of projects are suited for agile?”

Here is another angle to look at it.

User interface design projects: Any project that involves developing the user interface is best suited for agile. Multiple collaborative revisions, A/B testing and quick turnaround often make the user interface better.

Enhancements to existing systems: The infrastructure is already in place. This is by far the best environment to deliver incremental working code or system at regular intervals.

Marketing projects: Think ideas, creative people, last minute changes, these are a breeding ground for great agile practices.

New product development projects: Don’t know how you are going to built it, agile is an excellent product development methodology here. Engage customers / product owners, iterate and fail fast; build working things that can facilitate better product design.

If you think about it, it’s a pretty easy choice. Go make your choice…..

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