How would project management be like in 10 years from now?

Here is a very interesting discussion on LinkedIn – “How would project management be like in 10 years from now?” I have summarized the viewpoints and provided a link to the original discussion.

• Project management will play a strategic role in business
• Project management and process improvement will merge
• Project manager role will be absorbed into functional management or operations role
• Governance will emerge as the main theme
• Chief Project Portfolio Office will have a seat at the table
• Focus would be on people management and leadership
• Project management will be replaced with tooling and well defined processes
• Project managers will be part of defining the vision for the organization
• Agile will become standard and waterfall will die
• It will remain the same as it is today, PM will evolve to be a commodity like other skills
• Soft skills will be the prime requirement for project managers
• Use of tools will increase dramatically

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