I am a PM

I am a PM, I am a PM
I neither know Java nor HTML
But I am a PM, I am a PM

Projects are my life
With the triple constraint as my guide
Until PMI took it away
I am still a PM, I am still a PM

My team hates me at times
My sponsors all the time
I am stuck with red, yellow and green
I sometimes wonder, am I really a PM?

There is no time to stand and stare
Conference calls and meetings are all I care
With tons of reports that clog the drive
I now wonder about life after PM

Let’s talk value, a career of fulfillment
One filled with growth, I now take this oath
“To be the PM that I set out to be
The best PM there can be”
I am PM, I am PM

….. by Samir Penkar

About Samir Penkar

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