Stop trying to be efficient.

Efficiency is performing a task in the most economical manner that is possible. Many project managers focus a lot of their time trying to achieve efficiency. Whether it is drafting up an elaborate project schedule or creating a resource plan. Rather focus on
effectiveness, things that you can do to get you closer to your end result.

Resource managers are masters at being efficient with their resource staffing levels. When resource managers assign 10% of a person’s time on projects and they get assigned to 6 to 10 projects at a time. Trying to optimize every available billable hour is not an effective way to manage staffing. Gone are the days of the Ford assembly line, today’s projects require creative solutions delivered as fast as possible in an ever-changing marketplace.

What you do is far more important than how you do it.

Does it matter if you use MS Excel as your project scheduling tool or if you use MS Project? I am not saying efficiency is not important, but it is worthless if applied to the wrong things. Resolve to focus on being effective first, and then think about efficiency.

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