In search of success…..

Now that I have been thinking of the future of project management for sometime, I have noticed the lack of solid research and content there is out there. A lot of experts focus on the past or they tell us what isn’t working so great. Or the literature is just so generic that it is difficult to apply.

 So I have decided to focus on what’s working. Positive stories are so great in so many ways. Here is my plan for the next one year. I will be seeking out project managers who have progressed in their career, interview them and publish their success stories on this blog. Real people with real stories, not just random statistics or general trends, but people like you and me. I am looking for all kinds of stories – projects managers who grew from the technical trenches, project managers who became entrepreneurs or jumped industries or someone who ended up at the C-level or even project managers who left the discipline to pursue something else.

 You can help me in this endeavor. Help me identify those successful project managers. Stories are a great motivator, listening to what others have done and how they got there can trigger some great ideas for your own career. It is also very enlightening to learn about their journey, their challenges and how they overcame those obstacles.

 So let the journey begin, feel free to post the names of successful project managers you know and I will connect with them to check if they wish to share their story. Or email me your recommendations at

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